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Dir.ectory started as a proposal to the Open Systems Handshake micro grant. The purpose of this grant is to support open source developers in the Handshake ecosystem.

Announcement of grant selection on Twitter

What is Handshake? Handshake is a decentralized, permissionless naming protocol that is disrupting the domain name industry.

Handshake allows anyone to purchase a TLD (Top Level Domain) at a fraction of the cost of traditional TLD's and provides many improvements to internet security and ownership of your online identity.

One issue facing the adoption of Handshake is onboarding new users and showcasing it's many use cases. Dir.ectory should give new users of HNS an easy way to find resources and provide guides for acquiring names, hosting websites, and more.


The primary task of this project involves organizing existing websites, which are built on Handshake or that support onboarding users, into predefined categories.

Cards on home page linking to more detailed category pages

Nuxt.js was used for developing Dir.ectory with a heavy reliance on the Nuxt Content module for organizing and showcasing the websites.

Website owners can add their website to the directory through the 'Submit Site' page which includes details for making a pull request on Github as well as a form for quickly submitting websites.

Information needed for submitting a website to the directory

The final result provides a simple user experience for finding resources and learning about the different use cases Handshake offers.

Launch announcement on Twitter

This will hopefully give new users an easy way to learn about Handshake and lead to faster adoption of this awesome technology.