A centralized site to play new and prominent .io games


Next.js, Express.js, PostreSQL


Create a platform with a great user experience for finding and playing online games as well as managing them. After launch, priority shifted towards building a marketing strategy and increasing the user base.


In the early development stages, focus was placed on creating a simple application that allows for user authentication as well as adding games.

After developing the barebones app, focus turned to creating the user interface components such as header, footer, game cards, and other points of interaction.

User settings - level up subscription

With the application complete, a plan for attracting users to the platform was created. Advertising to the large user base on YourUnblockedGames served as a springboard for registering new users to the site.

Google Analytics campaign (Aug 15th - Sep 15th 2019)

Both banner ads and direct links in the navigation menu were used to direct users to the new site. This campaign turned out very effective and continued to be used over the following months.